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Voice Biometrics – The next big thing?

We all have a fairly good idea of what Speech Recognition technology is capable of this day and age, with Intelligent Personal Assistants such as Siri becoming commonplace on our mobile devices, and in our lives. We can translate foreign phrases effectively from our phones and search the correct spelling of words simply by speaking … Continue reading

SpeechTek Europe 2011

An offshoot of the American conference of the same name, SpeechTek Europe, is being held this year in London from the 25 – 26 of May. Created to inform, enlighten and embrace speech technologies in business, SpeechTek allows engineers, directors, IT professionals and other forward thinkers a common ground to connect and share. Delegates can … Continue reading

Engineering a better world

The IEEE (The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) and Engineers Without Borders have recently announced their new initiative; Engineering for Change. This organisation’s purpose is to attract and build a community of engineers, technologists, social scientists, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and local community advocates to collaboratively address humanitarian and … Continue reading

Molo helps a new start-up chill out

One cool customer  One of the trickiest decisions facing a start-up business is who to select as a technology partner. For ice-vending company Akoona, this was a particularly crucial choice, as it would have an ongoing impact on the continued success of their business. Akoona’s requirement was complex: they needed an ice vending machine controller … Continue reading

Speak to the hand

Speech technology is soon going to be in the palm of everyone’s hands. 2011 has been named ‘year of the voice’ and phones seem to be first to adopt it. Merriam Webster, of dictionary fame, has recently launched a smartphone app that allows users to search for definitions using their keyboards – and also using … Continue reading

From the mouths of babes

After a breakthrough discovery, voice technology could now potentially aid the assessment and treatment of autism. The University of Kansas’s vice chancellor have identified that children with autism have a unique vocal signature. Using the Language Environment Analysis System – an automatic language collection and analysis tool about the size of a computer zip drive … Continue reading

Voicing the truth

Google is now involved in breaking Egypt’s internet silence. Using existing, old fashioned infrastructure and simple but smart speech technology, Google has given the people back their voice.  Protestors who have not been able to go online to use social media sites to air their views can simply phone a number and dictate their comments … Continue reading

The boom of voice technology

Last week, the latest global report on speech technology which is compiled by the Global Industry Analysts (GIA) was released. Its findings are quite remarkable. Even in a very rocky economy, the report shows that the speech technology sector has performed consistently well. By 2015, GIA predicts that the market will reach US$20.9 billion. Recognising … Continue reading