Cellphone network improves customer service with Molo

As one of South Africa’s main cellular telecommunications networks, this client has a customer base of over 74 million subscribers (June 2008). Servicing these through their call centre was costly, due to the high number of agents needed, and research showed customer satisfaction was low. With this impacting negatively on profitability, and customers taking their business to the competition, something had to be done.

Molo has already been involved in the successful implementation of IVR (interactive voice response) projects at this company. It was a logical step to commission Molo in 2001 to assist in streamlining their customer care, increasing the percentage of incoming calls that could be handled by a system. The objective was to automate as many of the common enquiries as possible, including requests for PUK numbers, airtime and bundle balance information, handset configuration for data and MMS services, and other frequently-asked questions.

Molo’s approach

Firstly, the Molo team gained a thorough understanding of the client’s needs – and the existing, legacy systems and software that were in place, which would need to integrate with the new IVR system. Creating flexible software that would interface various back-end systems was not enough – everything had to be engineered to offer highly available, robust and high performance service to end users.

It was through unique thinking, novel approaches and innovative algorithms that Molo was able to work around back-end resource constraints to meet the client’s needs. Using modern software engineering techniques across different technologies, Molo came up with a truly innovative solution to the client’s customer care automation. Involving many different technologies and systems, the client’s IVR runs on an Intel-based server platform, with all solutions implemented in C++. In most cases, components were built from scratch, completely bespoke for them.

The results

After implementation, the client was satisfied with an increased number of self-service calls going through IVR interaction. The new, professional call centre self-service solution means that they are closer to fulfilling business requirements such as increased profitability related to more efficient customer services and fewer call centre agents. Another goal was improved customer satisfaction through people being able to access the information and services they require themselves. Improved customer satisfaction is linked to reduced churn, with fewer customers going over to competing mobile operators.

Measurable indicators of the new system’s success include parameters such as the number of customers successfully being given information they require without abandoning their calls; or the number of calls that need to be transferred to agents for resolution.

Because the client’s customer base is ever-increasing, the company is constantly studying ways to increase automation rates further. Implementation, roll-out and ongoing system maintenance are all part of Molo’s role, and this is testament to the client’s faith in Molo’s services, abilities and innovative approach.

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