From the mouths of babes

After a breakthrough discovery, voice technology could now potentially aid the assessment and treatment of autism. The University of Kansas’s vice chancellor have identified that children with autism have a unique vocal signature. Using the Language Environment Analysis System – an automatic language collection and analysis tool about the size of a computer zip drive – a survey was conducted. From over 200 children between one and four years old, voice samples were captured and analysed through an algorithm based on the parameters of vocal development.

The results showed that the sounds made by young children with autism were different to typically developing children with 87% accuracy.

Since the analysis isn’t based on words, the technology could be used to screen speakers of any language for autism. The LENA system is said to have the potential to assist pediatricians in referring children to specialists for autism diagnosis earlier, and for more effective treatments. Another great example of how speech technology continues to create simple but efficient solutions to everyday problems. To see how voice technology could work for you, contact us.