SpeechTek Europe 2011

An offshoot of the American conference of the same name, SpeechTek Europe, is being held this year in London from the 25 – 26 of May.

Created to inform, enlighten and embrace speech technologies in business, SpeechTek allows engineers, directors, IT professionals and other forward thinkers a common ground to connect and share. Delegates can expect to learn and explore a diverse range of subjects, from speech biometrics and multichannel applications to voice user interaction design and speech application development tools and languages to name but a few. SpeechTek aims to get organisations to understand the value of speech technologies in new channels.

The end goal, as defined by the brand, is to ‘enable enterprises to identify, evaluate, adopt, integrate, and optimize new speech technology solutions as part of a multimodal customer experience strategy.’ At this year’s conference, delegates can look forward to key speakers such as Dave Burke, Engineering Director of Google and Brian Budd, lead engineer at Barclays Bank. For more information on SpeechTek, visit www.speechtek.com/europe and to see how speech technology can help your business speak to us at Molo.