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Speech recognition technology that can detect your mood

It might become more difficult to hide your real emotions – over your cellphone at least! Scientists at St Andrews University in Scotland have developed technology that can pick up on your emotional state. Using a combination of sensors and speech recognition technology, EmotionSense analyses voice patterns against previously-recorded samples. It then suggests one of … Continue reading

Missed call notifications save cellphone network a bundle

Ever called someone’s cellphone, only to get a recorded message saying that they’re not available – but not to worry about leaving a message, as they’ve been notified by text message that you called? If you were calling a subscriber of this Molo client, you’d have experienced their missed call notification service – which was … Continue reading

Cellphone network makes a good call with Molo

One of Molo’s clients is a multinational telecommunications company – one of the main cellphone networks in South Africa. They have operations in many African and Middle Eastern Companies. In 2000, this client came across Molo’s speech recognition technology display at a call centre trade show. Impressed with Molo’s innovative technology and obvious expertise in … Continue reading

Testimonial from MTN

“MTN chose to work with Molo because of their specialised skills in both software engineering and telecommunications. These enable them to provide services for both fixed and mobile services. They develop solutions according to the customer’s requirements and provide professional support services. Compared with commercial solutions, Molo’s solutions are very affordable. We brought the Molo … Continue reading

Cellphone network improves customer service with Molo

As one of South Africa’s main cellular telecommunications networks, this client has a customer base of over 74 million subscribers (June 2008). Servicing these through their call centre was costly, due to the high number of agents needed, and research showed customer satisfaction was low. With this impacting negatively on profitability, and customers taking their … Continue reading